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Topographic Survey


In A Topographic Survey, we collect data about the elevation points of a piece of land and present them as contour lines on a plot. The reason behind the topographical survey is to collect survey data about the natural and artificial features of the land, along with its elevations. The Use of topographic maps is done to reveal elevations and grading features for engineers, architects, and building contractors. We are one of best Topographic Survey in India and Topographical Survey in India.

The attributes of a topographical survey can vary though but some of the most common features are

Applications of Topographic Survey

Generating Topographic maps
Formulating Topographic (cross-sectional) profiles
Formulating Topographic (cross-sectional) profiles

Benefits of Topographic Survey

A topographical survey can help in identifying all the important features on, around, and under the land where the need may be caused either for building a new structure or repairing an older property.

In case of a new land piece, a topographic survey can reveal any hidden information from plain sight, including the changes that have occurred on the area over a period of time.

The topographical information is crucial to homeowners, builders, and business owners who are planning to renovate or expand their property.

Knowing about the topography of the land around and under any type of structure can help ensure a solid construction or an efficient modification.If you are looking for Topographic Survey in India and Topographical Survey in India then you are at the right place.

Limitation of Topographic Surveys

Based on a certain date hence limits its credibility after sometimes.

Making it inconvenient to carry them while traveling and they have to be saved from getting wet.

In case of an area which doesn’t have a marked trail, it becomes difficult to find exact location and maps fails to specify properly.

Computer-generated maps are though easy to carry and use but not much reliable in case of hikers and campers to find exact placement of roads and trails etc.

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